How are golfers coping?

What's your non-golf remedy?

Bob Warters
Mon, 9 Feb 2009

Been tempted to try this?

  So how is everyone coping without golf? How are you getting your fix? Have you snapped yet?

I fully appreciate how members must be feeling at present with no golf for at least 10 days.

Most courses, certainly in my area of the East Midlands are unplayable under several inches of snow - or at least the access is impassable. And whatever snow has melted will have turned the courses into a waterlogged state that defies even the hardiest of golfers.

Have you ventured out with orange golf balls?

In this area it's the first time in probably 20 years that golfers have been denied for as long. It was in the late 1980s, I recall that it snowed around Boxing Day and with temperatures failing to reach above freezing for several weeks, we were unable to get out on Burghley Park until late February.

While most of us have to be content with golf on TV and the occasional putting practice on the carpet, I'm wondering how other GM members in parts of France, Germany and Scandinavia are coping - let alone the Canadians. You must have such great patience as golfers.

Presumably you content yourselves with hitting balls on the range or on simulators or go for alternative sports like ski-ing, skating, curling and ice-hockey or maybe you switch indoors to racquet sports.

Tell us on the forum how you're coping in this awful, frustrating weather, which apparently is due to continue for at least a week and maybe well into March as our weather forecaster Ian Currie predicted.



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