Lawrie's caddie in hot water

Colin Byrne hasn't started caddieing for Lawrie yet and already he is in bother

Fri, 10 Mar 2000

Paul Lawrie's new caddie has already found himself in hot water by wearing shorts on the first day of the Qatar Masters in Doha.

Colin Byrne, no relation to Lawrie's former Caddie, is not even carrying for his new bagman yet, this week he is caddieing for Roger Chapman.

Byrne is incensed the European Tour banned caddies from wearing shorts, even at hot venues like Doha. In the past, caddies were allowed to wear shorts under special circumstances.

Byrne knows that he will be fined. But the European Tour cannot fine caddies, only players, and Chapman said he would refuse to pay the fine on his bagman's behalf.
Tournament director David Probyn said: "We shall be pleased to talk to the caddies about the shorts situation. A meeting could be arranged if we are approached."

His words failed to please caddie chairman Martin Rowley. "Approached? We've wanted to talk about this for eight years because this wholesale ban has been coming for that long," he said. Byrne, reprimanded for not "going through the proper channels" to register his dissent, echoed these words.

"The tour haven't addressed the matter when we've been talking about it for years. I decided that it was time for action."

Poor Paul Lawrie, he could do without this at the moment.



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