Even after 20 years, memories still tingle

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Fri, 25 Mar 2011

So it was with little confidence that with a colleague from the Los Angeles Times we approached the media desk on Saturday to see if we knew any of the lucky blighters who'd been successful.

Martha Gray on reception asked our names and running her finger down the list of successful candidates suddenly screamed 'You both in! Congratulations!'

Following a group hug we were told in that Southern Georgian drawl: "You both be here at 7am sharp, Monday, y'here! Make up your fourballs, get yourselves a caddie and report to the starter."

Never mind who was leading the tournament, our heads were spinning and we couldn't wait to tell whomever was in earshot!

Woosie went on to win the green jacket 24 hours later and to tell the truth was more than a little tipsy for his media conference in a local hotel after he and his family had been entertained by the Masters committee with a bottle or two of expensive claret dredged from the wine cellar deep below the clubhouse.

It was gone midnight before I'd filed my copy and could get my head down, with the alarm set for 5am.

It was still dark when I showed my credentials and letter of authorisation to the Pinkerton security guard at the gate to Magnolia Drive which leads to the clubhouse of Augusta National.

Local caddies - all of them Afro American in their white overalls - were milling about looking for at least one bag to carry for this traditional post Augusta media scramble but tended to be drawn toward the Japanese contingent who pay the highest caddie seemingly without negotiation and are, it seems, the best tippers.

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