Even after 20 years, memories still tingle

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Fri, 25 Mar 2011

Thankfully the rain had abated and after checking the tops of the trees behind the green - after all that's what the pros and their caddies tend to do so they can better understand the zephyrs of breeze that can make even a major winner look foolish - I selected a 6-iron.

Fortunately I hit it out of the meat and received a ripple of applause from my colleagues and a small gallery of guests wandering around taking pictures.

I posed on Hogan's bridge for a commemorative picture I've since mislaid and wandered around on the path behind the green to discover my ball on the fringe and facing a tricky 20 foot downhill putt, I cosied it down to three feet and just caught the edge of the hole for my par.

The day before Jack Nicklaus had taken seven...result!

I was so excited I topped my next tee shot at 13 into the creek, hooked my third into the creek again further up.

Standing on the angle of the dogleg, Blue, stifling a giggle, handed me the 5-wood. ' Go for it, Sir... you'll never get another chance!'

I hit a career shot to the back of the slippery two-tier green, then three-putted for nine! But it was comforting to know Tommy Nakajima, he of the disaster at St Andrew’s 17th, had taken 13 here in 1978.

I was ten over par after four - the stuff of nightmares - but I was loving every minute of it!

A seven and a six followed at 14 and 15 (where I laid up at the par-5 on Blue’s advice) and dunked my tee shot into the dyed navy blue water at the intimidating par-3 16th.

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