Mickelson concerned about Watson before Ryder Cup

Ted Bishop says the five-time Open champion was concerned about America's captain in July

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Wed, 29 Oct 2014

Mickelson concerned about Watson before Ryder Cup

PHIL MICKELSON had concerns about Tom Watson captaining the American team at the 2014 Ryder Cup before the competition began, according to former PGA of America president Ted Bishop.

Mickelson openly criticised Watson in a post Ryder Cup press conference and his comments were a “soliloquy of what he had told me in July”, according to Bishop, when the pair played in a ProAm at the Scottish Open.

“I will give Phil credit for that. The message was totally consistent,” said Bishop, who was sacked on Friday for a sexist tweet.

“The only issue I had with what Phil said was the timing of when he said it and the venue and medium that he made the remarks in.

“And I told him this. I just thought those things should have been said behind closed doors to Tom or PGA of America officials, but that’s history. That’s over with.”