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The Portuguese Golf Federation are operating an Internet based handicapping system

Angus MacDonald
Fri, 14 Apr 2000

London-based Open Links Internet Limited today announced the signing of a ground-breaking agreement to provide, install and manage an Internet-based National Handicapping System for the Portuguese Golf Federation (PGF).

The system, which is the first of its kind in the world, will show the way forward for National Golf Unions in Europe.

The new system has two main components: the installation of golf club management software in all clubs affiliated to the PGF, and secure access, via the PGF Web Site, to handicap information for members of each club. Open Links will take over the operation of the PGF Web Site in order to implement the new system.

Portuguese golf clubs will also be offered managed web pages linked to the main PGF Web Site. Club web sites will give controlled access to all members with Handicap, Diary, Events, Competition and Tee Times bookings.

The project is the brainchild of the PGF, whose President, Exm Sr Manuel Agrellos, is also President of the European Golf Association. The recent establishment of a National Handicapping Committee set out clear guidelines, and the contract was awarded to Open Links Internet Ltd after the PGF had considered 15 alternative bids.

Open Links Chairman, Andrew Palmer, said, “We are particularly pleased to have won this prestigious contract for Portugal, a country that is home to many of the leading golf courses in Europe. We believe that this new system will benefit all golfers playing in Portugal. This contract is a clear victory for British technology and will, we believe set the standard for the rest of Europe.”

Open Links Internet Ltd is supported by a number of international technology companies, including Sun Microsystems, Oracle and Cisco.

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