Palmer gives fans beer money, Allenby surprised by reception

Ryan Palmer gives balls wrapped in $10 to fans at Phoenix Open, Robert Allenby surprised by positive reception in Phoenix.

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Fri, 30 Jan 2015

Palmer gives fans beer money at Phoenix Open

Ryan Palmer embraced the party atmosphere at the Waste Management Phoenix Open by giving balls wrapped in money to the crowd on the 16th hole.

Palmer wrote "have a beer on me" on the balls and tweeted: “Ready for a fun day @WPPhoenixOpen. 12 lucky fans on 16 get a beer on me today. Yes, ball wrapped in a $10 bill.”

Throwing objects into the crowd on the grandstand-lined 16th hole has been banned but players have bypassed the legislation by passing things to into the gallery.

Allenby surprised by positive reception

Robert Allenby was surprised by the reception he received during the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

The Australian maintains he was kidnapped, beaten and robbed in Hawaii recently, despite several statements from witnesses that contradict his claims, and attacked the media for suggesting his story may be fabricated.

"I was a little bit nervous going into 16," Allenby told ABC News. "I wasn't really sure what to expect. But I just knew it was going to be loud. I was just like, 'You know what? Just go with the flow and have fun with it. Just don't let it get to you'.

"And they were actually really good. I was actually really surprised. They were fantastic. There was nothing mean at all. I think some of the comments were actually pretty funny."

Bradley gives insight into offseason routine 

Keegan Bradley gave an insight into his off-season – and it involves playing a load of golf.

“I made an effort to have some time off where I could really relax,” the American told Golf Digest.

“I played golf every day. Pretty much seven days. An off day for me would be no practice. Just playing. So I get together with my buddies and go play a game out on the course. That to me is a day off. If I’m going to go practice and work out, I’ll do a lot of short game, hitting balls, stuff like that.

“But this off-season I played a ton, and then once the season started to get closer I would practice a little more. Wouldn’t play 36 a day. Played 18 and practice, something like that.”

He added: “I love playing. When I look at my schedule I can’t pick a tournament that I don’t want to play. I love them all."

Hoffman dons foam hat at Phoenix Open

Morgan Hoffman wins the prize for most ridiculous outfit so far at the Waste Management Phoenix Open after he donned an oversized, orange foam cowboy hat that he got from some “hot chicks”.

“On Wednesday, I was on the range and I saw this group of hot chicks and I was like, ‘Where did you get these hats?’” he told the Golf Channel. “They were like, ‘Oh, we’ll give you one of ours in exchange for balls and gloves.’ So I was like, sure.”

Hoffman had his college room-mate carry the hat around the course until he wore it on the 16th.

“I thought it was really funny,” he said, “then I whiffed the shot.”



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