Quiet Before the Storm

Nobody has threatened any real move in the morning of the final round, as the expectant crowd awaits the final pairing

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Sun, 23 Jul 2000

In slightly worse conditions than in the previous three days up here at St Andrews, none of the early starters have made any real advance up the leader board. Paul Azinger has been impressive on the front nine, moving to 6-under for the day after only 9 holes, but a shocker on the 12th has seen him slip back to 5-under.

The feeling amongst the crowd, and amongst the players, is that this Championship already has its Champion. David Duval, setting out in the final pairing of the day with runaway leader Tiger Woods, may have something to say about that, but wise opinion suggests that, with his recent back problems, he'll be delighted to hold on to runner-up spot.

As records have fallen everywhere this young world number one goes, the question is how many will he break today? Faldo's record of 18-under at St Andrews looks set to go, and Tiger will also land the record of being the youngest winner of the Grand Slam.

We'll update you through the afternoon as he marches on.... and hope to report that we're wrong, that this event is far from over, and that it's a four-way tie at the death. But, realistically, this player in this form can simply not be touched.

Or can he???



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