Ryder Cup sledging begins!

Cheeky war of words between USA and Europe stars

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Fri, 27 Aug 2010

Ryder Cup sledging begins!

GOLFmagic is a big fan of cricket. A tricky leg-spinner, a true cover-drive for four and a majestic diving catch are all aspects that make it such a pleasure to watch.

But we also love the sledging.

When James Ormond walked out to bat in a 2001 Ashes Test, Australia’s Mark Waugh, brother of captain Steve, remarked: “Mate, what are you doing out here? You’re not good enough to play for England.”

Ormond, then 23, replied: “Maybe not. But at least I’m the best player in my own family.”

What’s not to love about sledging?

And now the cheeky digs have begun between Ryder Cup rivals.

Enjoying some downtime recently, Ian Poulter invited followers on Twitter to ask him a question.

Hours later, a reply dropped in from Paul Azinger: “Ian, is it too late to ask a question? I was busy polishing this…”

The scamp.



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