Spence and Davis endure nightmare

The England team of Jamie Spence and Brian Davis made it to Argentina...eventually...

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Wed, 6 Dec 2000

England’s World Cup team of Brian Davis and Jamie Spence had to endure a nightmare journey to Buenos Aires for their first world cup appearance. There were no private jets, chauffeur driven limousines and all the trimmings that Tiger Woods gets on his week to week business, Spence and Davis had to ‘rough it’ on their wat from Miami airport to the Argentine capital.

Spence said:
"We had our boarding passes and only when we got down to the gate did we discover the flight had been cancelled."

"All hell broke loose, but eventually we were given a room in a hotel for the night and booked onto an 8am plane."

As you might expect, there were a few angry passngers, none more so than Davis, Spence’s partner for the week in the $1m World Golf Championship event.

"Security and then the police were called because so many people were angry at not being told anything”, said Davis. “And it was almost midnight before we got to our rooms”.

"We had to be up at six to get back to the airport and then, just as I thought we were about to take off, they announced that there was a problem with the baggage and we sat there for 90 minutes."

Thinks took a turn for the worse as Davis spent the entire flight to Buenos Aires driving the ‘porcelain bus’, thanks to a very dodgy omelette!

"I thought the omelette I had was a bit dodgy and never have I been so glad to get off a plane," he added.


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