Suttons Explains Woods' Pressure

Sutton speaks of the excessive pressure put on Woods to perform

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Ted Finnerty
Thu, 22 Mar 2001

With The PLAYERS Championship starting today, the reoccurring question remains: who will walk away on Sunday with the title? The pressure continues to build for World Number One, Tiger Woods, but last year's champion, Hal Sutton, tells the public to relax its pressure on Woods to perform.

Sutton urges the public and media to be realistic: saying, "Let's be real. Let's talk about what's possible and what's not possible. I see Tiger being frustrated right now because people are saying he's not doing that. Tiger is not playing that bad - his worst finish all year is 13th."

Sutton continues to explain the pressures that Woods feels, "He's trying to defend himself, yet he's being backed into a corner, and I see frustration coming out."

Sutton also referenced the never-ending hype the media creates about Woods: the media "might make [Woods] hate the game before it's over with - and we need Tiger in the game. He's in a frustrating spot because, if he does not fulfill [the media's] expectations, then it's tough to write good things. Tiger has raised the bar so high not even he could live up to those expectations.



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