Tiger heavily fined

Tiger Woods is $100,000 lighter this morning after a huge fine...

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Martin Park
Sat, 11 Nov 2000

Tiger Woods has been fined £70,000 by the Screen Actors Guild of America for shooting a Buick commercial during a strike by the American Union against poor pay from advertisers to actors.

Woods, who was tried by telephone at his Orlando home last Monday was found guilty by the SAG of breaking the strike but the SAG have rescinded $50,000 of the fine providing that Woods does not break any future strike clauses set by the union.

Many stalwarts of the SAG wanted Woods to be kicked out of the Union and not be able to film any more commercials for his sponsors. But Woods is adamant that he did not intentionally break the strike and is happy with the decision the SAG have arrived at this week.

$100,000 missing from his huge wallet!

Anyone who acts on a television commercial or programme must be a member of the guild. Woods had refused to shoot a Nike commercial in early May, a day after the strike began and Nike resorted to using PGA Tour coverage to advertise their number one signing.

But Woods realises that he still has to payback some of the $100 million of sponsorship money in some way and he knows that the TV advertising is a huge responsibility for him and in future he will have to think carefully before he steps in front of the cameras once again.

"I have relationships to uphold with my sponsors who have supported me over the years. This is in no way a stance against the union," Woods said before the trial.



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