What golf means to Andy Murray

'I'd play more but my back stiffens'

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Bob Warters
Sun, 8 Jul 2012

Andy Murray who steps out Centre Court trying to become the first British male in 76 years to win the Wimbledon Singles admits he could be a pretty handy golfer, too.

But the demands of his day job and the stress which golf puts on his back, limit the number of rounds he can play. 

But, when he does get out on the course, observers of his swing say he excels. He doesn't have an official handicap but gives himself a around 16 shots a round and told The Scotsman newspaper that giving himself fewer shots would be tantamount to boasting.

"Everyone thinks I am a bandit because I always give myself 15 or 16 shots," he said. "I've not lost a game of golf for five years, but it's not me being a bandit.

"So many people who I play with say I'm about seven handicap but I would rather just say I am a 15 rather than some macho thing like I have to be single digits.

So how often does he play?

"I play golf from time to time but, when I play, my back gets quite stiff so I never play competitions[to get a proper handicap]. But when I get four or five weeks until the next tournament, I may play a little bit."

He revealed his  interest in golf tends to revolve around watching it on television especially when players like Rory McIlroy, who won the US Open in such convincing style last year, are featuring.

And he says he can take inspiration from his quest for a first Grand Slam by the way in which McIlroy bounced back from losing a big lead at the 2011 Masters.

"The way he dealt with everything was fantrastic," said the Scot, who has lost every major final he has contested so far. "The way Rory came back from what happened was great."

So while golf might not be further from his mind today, the determination of Mcilroy the golfer might just be enough to spur him past Roger Federer, who counts Tiger Woods among his friends.

Come on Andy...golf is right behind you!

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