What they said...

In the aftermath of Woods' 15 shot victory, this is what the rest of the field said of Tiger Woods' achievement...

Tue, 20 Jun 2000

"I feel sorry for the young guys. Basically, I've had my day. I'm 43 now. Whatever I win from here is a bonus. The young guys are taking a pounding from this guy. I don't know how to describe it basically. I think it's going to be very hard when he's on his game to beat him." -- Nick Price on playing against Tiger Woods.

"I played one good round of golf. But if I played out of my mind, I probably still would have lost by five, six, or seven." -- Ernie Els.

"He's so much better than everyone else it's not funny. He probably practices a bit harder than everyone else. He's a perfectionist." -- Craig Parry on Woods.

"He's a freak of nature, worlds apart from the rest of us in every way. His physique, his fitness, the way he hits the ball, his short game, his putting, every aspect is totally phenomenal." -- Michael Campbell on Woods.

"Nobody else seems able to play up to his level right now. Nobody's scrambling the way he is, nobody's chipping, pitching and putting the way he is. He's playing some great golf. You need competition. It's like the old Southwest Conference in football. It was fine if you were pulling for Texas but it wasn't real exciting. I think some players will step up to the plate and challenge him. I think Tiger wants that. He wants the competition, he wants the pressure, he wants to be pushed. He needs it. For anybody the best victories are the ones you had to fight for the hardest." -- Tom Kite on Woods.

"Tiger is playing extremely well but he's making so many putts. It's inconceivable that he could make that many, but he is--not to take anything away from his tee to green game, because it's awesome." -- Hale Irwin.

"I played practice rounds with Tiger all three days and he only missed one shot in three days. So if he didn't win this, I'd have been very surprised. Jack Nicklaus was the greatest player, record-wise, of all time, but in my estimation of what I've seen in 20 years out here, Tiger Woods is the greatest all-around player. He may not match Jack Nicklaus' records but I find it hard to believe there's ever been a player who can drive it like Tiger Woods, far and straight, draw the ball, cut the ball, high, low, short game, putting, and mental toughness. If you were to build the complete golfer, you would build Tiger Woods." -- Mark O'Meara.

"If Old Tom came back Tiger would beat him by 80." -- Ernie Els after being told that Woods' winning margin of 15 shots over him broke Old Tom Morris' 1862 record of 13 shots.

"Being that I'm leading in the clubhouse, if we get an earthquake here in the San Francisco area I might win this golf tournament." -- Richard Zokol, after finishing early on Sunday with a 69 that included a record score of 30 on the front nine.

"That's great. They should put the hole in the fairway." -- Colin Montgomerie, after being told he's No. 1 in fairways hit.

"Sunday morning and you're 18 shots behind the leader, you don't exactly charge the first fairway with confidence." -- Lee Janzen.

"Just stay alive. That's all I had to do." - Tiger Woods, on his thoughts playing the final hole.



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