Why golf is cool, say distillers

Survey reveals the tastes of the Under 35s

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Mon, 27 May 2002

A new survey by distillers Jamesons has reassured them that their sponsorship of national golf events is money well spent because golf is officially "cool".

Apparently younger golfers among us are partial to a tipple of the amber nectar and this younger golf market is growing because golf is suddenly the game to be seen playing.

So what are the tell-tale signs of cool? According to Jamesons it's time to break into those bags you set aside for Oxfam (but never got round to sending) and release the diamond patterned sweaters and checked trousers on an unsuspecting generation. Because these fashion statements of the 1970s are 'back in.'

And as icons like David Beckham and Robbie Williams take to the golf course young, image conscious, 25-35 year olds follow their lead in Nike clothes, adidas shoes and Oakley shades, say the Irish whisky specialists discovered.

These are golfers who reckon Tiger Woods is better than Nick Faldo or Seve Ballesteros in their prime and rate Sergio Garcia as the hottest tip for a major within two years. And the kit of choice for the young and trendy? Titleist balls and drivers.

The survey also reveals that the new wave of younger golfers' favourite past times are socialising, keeping fit and watching football.

But the most illuminating finding for Jameson is that whisky is the most popular spirit with 46% of the respondents choosing it over vodka (28%) and brandy (10%), which is good news for the sponsors of the national Golf World Champion of Champions as they go into their second year.

Now you tell us...what do you rate as cool to wear or play with on the golf course? Reveal all on the Forum.



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