Wi racks up 13 in Stack & Wilt moment

Unlucky for some as Korean tots up the shots during final round of Transitions

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Mon, 19 Mar 2012

It was a case of Unlucky 13 for Charlie Wi at the par-5 fifth of the Transitions Championship yesterday, as the Korean, known for his Stack & Tilt swing, recorded an octuple-bogey.

Wi’s troubles began when his drive landed in the right-hand rough and came to rest next to a woodchip. He tried to progress the ball forward with a 6-iron but the chip caused the ball to shoot straight right off the clubface and into the trees.

From there, the 40-year-old attempted to thread his third through a five-foot V-shaped opening in the tree but his 5-iron hit the stump and ricocheted back into the driving range.

“That’s not getting up so give me 6-iron,” Wi told his caddie, only for the same result to occur seconds later.

“The range just stopped. Everyone was looking at me.”

By this point, Wi had dug such a divot he couldn’t attempt the same shot again, so he chipped out - only his ball landed behind a tree, forcing him to chip out sideways again.

Once he got out of the trees in ten, Wi hit onto the green and two-putted for 13.

“I should have just gone [Kevin] Na and beat him,” Wi joked afterwards, referring to the 16 that Na made during last year’s Valero Texas Open.

This was the second straight week a player made an unusually high number. In the final round of the WGC-Cadillac Championship, Sergio Garcia made a 12 on the par-4 3rd. 

What’s been your biggest score on one hole?

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