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European Tour star talks elusive win, leading the Open and heartache watching Liverpool

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Tue, 25 Nov 2014

George, you landed your elusive win on the European Tour in 2014 but how would you assess your season?

The Joburg Open win was definitely the highlight of the last couple of years. After the win I played really well and then I started playing a little worse and decided to make a swing change, so sacrificed the rest of the year.

I played really badly in the middle of the year, did okay at the Open Championship but never felt like I was playing well, and then the swing change started to kick in within the last month and a half and I started playing really nicely again.

Obviously the swing change is part of a long term plan but it was nice to get the win and nice to know I can spend a bit of time working on my game and not worry too much about how I play after I got the win

Talking of the 2014 Open Championship, you were leading at one point. How did that feel and were you aware of that while out on the course?

I definitely knew I was leading. It was a bit of a shock but it's part of the process of playing major golf. You’ve got to get into those situations before you know what to do with them

It was great to lead because it was my birthday and my family were there with me, so it was a great Friday.

It was obviously not such a great Saturday but the week was a great experience and hopefully I learned a lot from it.

What are your aspirations and targets for 2015?

I don’t really like to play to targets, I just try to be better and that’s the main goal in the year, to try and be better than I was the year before.

I don’t look at it as individual events, I try to work on my game and try and get better in every aspect, to play better and finish better.

What is your number one golf tip?

Practice and spend time chipping and putting because anybody can hit the ball far.

It’s about getting it in the hole that counts.

What is the best course you have ever played?

That’s a frequently asked question and there is no real answer to that because obviously St Andrews is probably the most special course to me but it’s not the best course I’ve ever played, not by a long shot.

Augusta is also not the best course but it’s an unbelievable course because it’s where the Masters is played.

Then you get special places like Leopard Creek where you are in the Kruger National Park and surrounded by wildlife. You get that sense of living in the bush and living of the land when you play there. The golf course is also always in unbelievable condition.

There are so many golf courses around the world that are special in their own way so there’s no way of saying which is the best golf course.

Can you name the best round of golf you have ever played?

I’ve had a few good rounds but I’d probably say St Andrews at the Dunhill Links two years ago, when I played there and I had to make a 20 footer to make the cut on the Saturday and made the putt.

I got to the final round and I think I was 15 shots behind and shot 62 and finished fifth. I think the course record is still tied with a couple of other guys but obviously to shoot a course record at St Andrews was very special.

You are, unfortunately, a big Liverpool fan. Who is you favourite player of all time and what do you make of your team's current situation?

Steven Gerrard is my favourite player of all time. I wouldn’t say he’s playing very well at the moment but it’s tough to picture him playing well at the moment with the way the team are playing. I grew up watching Gerrard and Robbie Fowler, who was also one of my favourites.

Obviously Luis Suarez was there last year and he was obviously amazing but at the moment it’s kind of a tie with the whole team they’re all doing pretty badly in my opinion.

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