Paige Spiranac rips into Greg Norman over Saudi link and Instagram pic

In her latest podcast, Paige Spiranac discussed Greg Norman's infamous Instagram picture as well as the Super Golf League. 

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Sun, 27 Feb 2022
Paige Spiranac rips into Greg Norman over Saudi link and Instagram pic

Paige Spiranac took issue with Greg Norman on her latest podcast with her new co-host Amanda Rose. 

In her latest installment of "Playing A Round", the social media sensation discusses Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson and Norman. 

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Spiranac - who is one of the most followed golfers on Instagram - tore straight into the Aussie after his the enduring Saudi league golf story.

This was off the back of Mickelson's explosive comments which has forced several of his sponsors to pause or end their associations with him.

"He [Norman] is literally swiming with the fishies. He is just, like, not doing well. Not keeping his head above water," Spiranac said. 

"He wanted the Saudi link to work out and now he is screwed."

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Her co-host pointed out that Norman's "sketchy" behaviour goes back to the 90s before bringing up the "Shark" documentary soon to air.

"I don't really care to watch it to be honest," Spiranac said of the doc.

"I don't even feel like people were talking about this when it was announced," she said. 

"Everything he does turns to s***," Rose said. "I don't know... just don't let him touch anything around you.

Spiranac adds: "Even when he tries to be, like, funny or like do things...

Rose cuts in: "We don't need to see his d***"

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Rose is referencing the time Norman posted a picture of himself on Instagram walking his dog. 

What he thought was an innocent picture in fact revealed a little bit too much. 

Norman also previously turned heads when he posted a picture of himself naked in the shower with his back to the camera.

"No, no and that's coming from someone... I openly flaunt everything on Instagram but I'm not gonna be doing that when I'm 65," she says.

"There is a time and a place and my 20s is a time and a place... but at a certain point... he [Norman] did like naked shower shots."

"Who took that picture?!" Spiranac asked. "Are they going to talk about that on the doc?"

Listen here.

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