Paige Spiranac ruthlessly destroys Phil Mickelson: "Four inches?!"

Paige Spiranac dealt LIV Golf player Phil Mickelson a savage low blow after Lefty criticised the PGA Tour over its shorts policy.

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Fri, 3 Feb 2023
Paige Spiranac ruthlessly destroys Phil Mickelson: "Four inches?!"

It's probably just as well Phil Mickelson has blocked Paige Spiranac, as the golf glamour girl has just hit Lefty with what can be aptly described as a low blow. 

Paige took a savage dig at six-time major champion Mickelson after the golfer took issue with the PGA Tour allowing Sam Ryder to wear a pair of joggers during the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines. 

"Not a fashion guy" Mickelson objected to Ryder's attire in California, writing: "The Tour doesn't allow shorts but does allow this week's leader to wear joggers with ankle socks?"

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Take a look at what he was wearing below. Mickelson said Ryder was showing "four inches of ankle". 

Paige reacted to Mickelson by saying: 

"Phil Mickelson, which, I didn't see because I'm blocked but people were posting about it. 
"That Phil Mickelson even had this Tweet saying, 'How can you show four inches of skin?!
"Also, if Phil thinks that that's four inches then I feel sorry for his wife, but...he was showing maybe like an inch of ankle, they weren't super tight. 
"I thought he looked good, but it just shows how incredibly frustrating golf Twitter can be that they were so bothered by Sam Ryder wearing joggers?!"

Watch the clip here: 

Why did Phil Mickelson block Paige Spiranac? 

Paige revealed last February that Mickelson had blocked her

She even revealed that Mickelson's wife Amy, their daughters Amanda and Sophia and son Evan also had blocked her on social media. 

This came after Paige criticised Mickelson's involvement with the LIV Golf League

She wasn't always blocked by Mickelson. Even before she criticised Mickelson and other LIV Golfers she found out she was snubbed.

Paige previously said on her podcast: 

"I tried to @ him and he was unavailable. I thought maybe he just didn't have a Twitter until I looked and everyone was tagging him.
"So I clicked on it and it said 'You're blocked by Phil Mickelson'.
"And so I made a bit of a stink about it because I can push some people's buttons and I can say things that get under people's skin... I have never said one bad, mean word about Phil Mickelson. So I was like 'Why did you block me?'
"He messaged me and was like 'Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to, it's probably just some glitch' and I was like 'No worries, congrats on the PGA'.
"Next day he blocked me on Twitter and on Instagram." 

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Paige went on further to talk about fashion, saying: "If there is anything slightly different in golf, everyone freaks out." 

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