Adams Pro Hybrid review

What do we think of the new effort from the brand which creates the most popular hybrids on tour?

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Fri, 9 May 2014

WHEN an Adams hybrid arrives at Golfmagic Towers, there is always the inevitable debate as to who gets to test the club as everyone wants to get their hands on it. We get quite a few clubs coming in so this honour is only achieved by a few brands and when it comes to hybrids, Adams is the company which stimulates the most heated debates.

The company says the Pro hybrid is the ‘next hybrid to dominate Tour’ so we were excited to see whether the club could walk the walk. Adams is the most played hybrid on worldwide tours by professionals and it has been that way for some time now - we were expecting  good things.

While Adams has pumped more money into creating new drivers and irons, the quality of its hybrid ranges has never faltered. By creating variations on each hybrid model, the company has been able to supply a club for every ability, every swing and every taste – success was almost inevitable.

There are five hybrids in the new range, three with the Pro name, the Idea and the XTD Ti.

When it comes to the appearance, the hybrid exudes class and should appeal to a large audience. The dark grey finish is complimented by a black shaft and the traditional hybrid headshape filled me with confidence as I stood over the ball. The Velocity Slot on top of the club may distract some but I found it useful in allowing me to line up square with my target.

The most important thing about a golf club is the performance and that is where the Pro excels. In terms of feel, there is none better. It was so good in fact that before I knew it i had hit 50 balls without even noticing. 

It has a soft, rigid feel which lets you know when you have hit one out the middle and when you have not.

Off the tee, off the deck and out of the rough, this club is the longest in the class. The penetrating ball flight and low spin rates provided means your ball explodes off the springy face and just keeps on going.

The Velocity Slot and patented high MOI upside-down headshape really seem to pay dividends. On some occasions, I was getting it off the tee to only 30 yards behind what I hit my driver which got me thinking, maybe I should ditch the big stick like Phil has done in the past?

Workability is also another massive plus which has been enabled by moving the centre of gravity behind the middle of the face. Due to the superb feel and feedback provided by the Pro, you’ll be able to move the ball any way you want , which is important for a hybrid as it is often employed to get a player out of trouble.

The club is not the most forgiving so it would be best suited in the hands of a mid-to-low handicapper.


What we have come to expect from Adams – a top-of-the-range hybrid. The Pro is long, has a great feel and is easy to work. 

Price: £159



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