20XI (Spin)

Primary technology behind the ball - available in spin and distance models - is in its core, made of a resin-like polymer material designed to be lighter, while promoting a higher ball speed off the clubface. A lighter golf ball will travel further, says Nike, while the perimeter weighting adds forgiveness on miss-hits. RRP

Neil Harris
Fri, 3 Feb 2012

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PRICE: £40.00 YEAR: from 2012

I'm a six handicapper and tested this at Greetham Valley Golf Club, Rutland in cold (6C) and in strong gusting south-westerly wind.

I normally play a Titleist ProV1 balls and occasionally switch to a Srixon Z Star during the winter. However, the Nike 20XI (Spin) sample ball performed as well as the Titleist in distance and feel around the green. The spin aspect worked well, even with long irons, with the ball almost stopping dead from a well struck 4-iron into an elevated green. Significant backspin was achieved from a high drawing 5-iron at the par-3 12th, which I almost holed.

Short iron approaches stopped immediately with some back spin evident, so even with winter conditions the ball responded well to crisply struck shots. Most approaches into greens stopped quickly so I was pleased with that aspect of its performance.

I found the ball climbed more than normal with the driver off the tee into wind, but it didn’t vary too much off line. There was also no appreciable loss of distance off the tee or from the fairway.


While I may consider a change from my normal ball I would need to be convinced in better weather conditions. It isn’t easy to judge or compare the feel off the putter at the moment and may be necessary to wait until the Spring when the greens allow for a more consistent roll. Overall I wasn’t disappointed with the performance of the ball and will definitely try it again.

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