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Andy Roberts
Mon, 1 Jun 2015

More solid than spectacular

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Durable; easy to control around the greens and out of sand; long enough off the tee
Not quite as reactive with the wedges as other premium balls; a little too soft when putting
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PRICE: £40.00 YEAR: from 2015

Who can criticise a ball favoured by world number one Rory McIlroy? 

The Nike RZN Black is primarily suited for players who want Tour-performance distance and less spin off the tee.

During our testing session with a GC2 launch monitor, the RZN Black proved the longest ball in Nike's RZN stable - also comprising Platinum, Red and White to suit different playing abilities - but our average yardage off the tee was certainly not the longest in our test. 

We found this ball on average was spinning some 300 RPM more than a Pro V1 with the driver. 

While there were acceptable levels of short-game spin from inside of 110 yards, it once again failed to live up to some of its rivals with a moderate spin rate. 

Nevertheless, the ball did feel very easy to control around the greenside rough and out of the bunkers, appeared to hold its line nicely when the breeze picked up with the mid irons, and we noted great durability after our testing. 

On the greens, however, it felt much too soft. On long putts, distance control was not as easy as some of the others. 


While the RZN Black did not live up to the hype as much as we anticipated, it proved by far the longest ball in Nike's new RZN ball stable. While there were acceptable levels of short-game spin from 110 yards, it did fall short against some of its rivals. More solid than spectacular. 

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