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Andy Roberts
Thu, 28 May 2015

A great ball for that "one bounce, check, release"

Need To Know

Great ball for pitching, checks up nicely; holds its line well in the wind; durable; good value for money
Not the longest off the tee, driver spin tended to be quite high
Our score:
PRICE: £32.99 YEAR: from 2015

There are few aspects in this game where you are proud to be number two, but when it comes to the golf ball market where there is a clear leader, TaylorMade is more than happy to come straight out and say it.

So for TaylorMade, who claims it is the number two played golf ball brand on the PGA Tour, the Tour Preferred ball is under serious pressure to perform. 

And thankfully it does.  

This soft, four-piece Tour Preferred provided us with tremendous backspin with the wedges from inside of 120 yards and lots of grip from out the greenside rough and bunkers. 

It was arguably the best ball for pitching in our test. Many balls bounced once, checked and then released nicely to the pin. 

We really struggled to get the spin down with the driver, however. The spin rate was one of the highest in the test, veering close to 3000 RPM at times. 

While there is lots of technology packed inside this Tour Preferred ball, the best feature is without question the "low-grag performance aerodynamics" that ensures the ball stays on its intended line out in the wind. 

Despite catching several shots on the thin side during our day of testing, the ball appeared one of the most durable in the test.


A great ball for that "one bounce, check, release" type of shot around the green. It felt soft enough with the wedges but proved difficult to get the spin down off the tee. Launch angle was typically higher on the mid-iron shots. It has great durability and holds its line nicely in the wind, too. Good value for money at £33 per dozen. 

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