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Andy Roberts
Wed, 14 Aug 2013

Need To Know

Feels like a ProV1x; Low driver spin; High wedge spin; Neat appearance
Ball tended to skid off putter face on off-centre hits
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PRICE: £27.00 YEAR: from 2013

Wilson Staff's firmer FG Tour X (95 compression), in comparison to the FG Tour (75 compression), features a harder mantle layer to improve ball speed. The ball also has a softer cover and paint combination for better feel. 

The first thing immediately noticeable with the FG Tour X is that its urethane cover is different. It is softer and tackier than other brands. I like the neat, branded logo, and the paint combination is similar to the Srixon Z-Star. FG Tour X logo at the side also promotes solid alignment over the ball.

This isn't the softest ball out there today but it's soft enough for a urethane ball. The ball zips off the clubface with a nice compressed feel. I believe feel players will really appreciate the cushiony feedback on offer here.

For the most part, however, this ball feels just like a Titleist Pro V1x. And for nearly half the price. 

Performance-wise, FG Tour X  is a low spinning ball that runs for miles off the tee with very strong wedge spin. It's a very workable ball, particularly true in the wind and controlable around the greens.

The only slight negative is that when I made a less than pure stroke with the putter, the ball skidded off the face. The tackiness of the ball seemed to grip and the ball stopped short of where it should have.


FG Tour X offers the best of both worlds: lower driver spin and higher wedge spin. What more could you really ask?

These balls will fit nicely in the bag of a low capper and all for less than £30. Tremendous value for money as this is very much a premium golf ball.

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