Book review: Ryder Cup Revealed - Tales of the Unexpected

Here's what we think about the entertaining read from Ross Biddiscombe

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Wed, 13 Aug 2014

EVERY two years, Europe and America face-off in one of the greatest team events in all of sport – The Ryder Cup. Nothing provokes as much emotion, fist-pumping and crowd interaction in golf than this special competition.

Ryder Cup Revealed: Tales of the Unexpected, written by Ross Biddiscombe, is an in-depth inspection of the sporting history between these old rivals and it is packed with new stories and fresh insights into money, politics, rivalries, controversies and much more.

But there have been hundreds of books written about this famous competition – why should you go out and spend your hard-earned cash on this book or eBook?

Well,this is the only book that takes you into the minds of the key personalities and explains the significance of the team rooms, meeting rooms and locker rooms by linking all of the off-course scheming and plotting with how princes and presidents, prejudices and prevailing attitudes in British European and US society affected matches.

More than 100 interviews were undertaken in order to make the book which gives Biddiscombe unprecedented access to tales no one else ever knew about.

If you're looking to read about the Ryder Cup, you'll be hard-pressed to find something more interesting, insightful or well written than this.

Hardback: £20

eBook: £8.04 (to date)



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