Book review: View from the ladies' tees

'Entertaining but I read it in an hour'

Kate Evans
Fri, 28 Mar 2008

Book review: View from the ladies' tees
'The view from the ladies tees' by Peggy Strachan.
Synopsis:Tales of love, laughter and tears, including training your husband and buying equipment.

Described as 'tales of love, laughter and tears on the golf course', this is the story of how the forty-something author came to take up golf and how she fared along the way.

Peggy Strachan (pictured above right) was born in New York, graduated from Harvard University and has had a varied career which has included being a fashion designer in Paris, a farmer in Normandy, an investment banker in her home city and also worked in Sotheby's in London.

She took up the game 12 years ago and has played more than 100 courses while a member at Royal Mid-Surrey and Valderrama in Spain.

As a fairly new player myself I looked forward to reading the book hoping to share like-minded experiences. Like having a new baby, you want to compare the experience with other mothers, see if their offspring is as advanced as yours, that kind of thing.

There were things Peggy and I had in common - learning the etiquette of golf, the delight in finding out just how sociable the game can be and the sheer frustration of those days when you can't seem to hit that stupid little ball with any consistency. The author tells of her discovery of golf fashion and equipment shopping but I felt particularly sorry for her as I read how much medical intervention she's suffered to make her body manoeuvre pain-free in mastering the golf swing. And I don't think it came cheap!

It's a very readable book, aimed at new golfers taking up the game later in life. And it wouldn't hurt for male golfers to read it. They might even learn something about their own partners' games!

Sadly there are only about 70 pages (if you don't include the final chapters on the rules, which help to flesh it out a bit. Personally, I can't apply myself to reading the Rules as a pastime no matter how nicely they are presented, so I completed the book (published by Bloomfield Press) in less than an hour.

The Golfmagic Verdict
Summary: Not a book to read if you're hoping to pick up any tips on playing the game (the author has a 25 handicap) but definitely entertaining and you can have a little laugh as you reminisce and empathise with the learning process of golf and how the inevitable love affair begins.


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