Bridgestone ball fitting technician chats to Golfmagic

In an exclusive interview with Golfmagic, Joe Di Stefano answers our golf ball queries

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Tue, 30 Jul 2013

Following Brandt Snedeker's second victory of the 2013 PGA Tour season with the Tour B330 ball, we sat down with Bridgestone ball fitting technician Joe Di Stefano to discuss all things Bridgestone dimples...

Joe, could you explain to us the importance in getting fitted for the correct golf ball?

Since you use a golf ball with every shot, getting fitted for the right ball is really important and could make a big difference to your game, sometimes adding up to 10 yards on a drive for example.

The fitting can highlight not only what compression ball fits you best, but how the correct ball for your swing speed can improve dispersion and ultimately your scoring.

So what are the common mistakes most golfers make in choosing golf balls?

Most golfers don't think too much about the ball they play and base their purchase decisions largely on a brand or price point.

The biggest mistake is to assume that they have a swing speed capable of hitting a ball designed for Tour professional players in the same way.

For the vast majority of golfers, it's the equivalent of trying to hit a snooker ball rather than a tennis ball. They often think the harder the ball, the greater the distance - when the opposite is true.

Golfmagic recently undertook a Bridgestone golf ball fitting session at West Hill GC. Why do you get the customer to hit a driver instead of say a wedge? 

Bridgestone fit with the driver because it highlights the weaknesses in compression more than any other club.

When you hit a wedge shot you barely compress the ball because of the steeper angle of attack into the ball – it is a glancing contact.

The driver is much shallower coming into the ball, which makes the results a lot clearer on the launch monitor (Science Eye).

Could you explain more about your role at Bridgestone? What are the good and bad parts to the job?

This is my third season managing the Bridgestone Golf ball fitting programme here in the UK. The programme is growing in strength – we doubled the number of ball fitting sessions at golf clubs across the UK and Ireland this year.

I have never been busier and I’m thoroughly enjoying the challenge. Travelling is always going to be the toughest part of my job, but with future plans of bringing on board more ball fitters, my area will gradually become smaller. 

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