Discuss: Base layers 2013

We run down the best ways to stay warm on the golf course this winter

Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay
Tue, 29 Oct 2013

Golfmagic's Charlie Lemay and Andy Roberts discuss base layers...

IT used to be that as the seasons changed, golfers maybe added a sweater to a polo shirt when it became cooler in the Autumn and Spring. Then in winter, a jacket would be added.

The result was a bulky combination which restricted the golf swing and added extra weight and inevitable discomfort. There are now no such problems. Here, Golfmagic’s Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay discuss the recent phenomenon of base layers...

CL: I’ve owned a base layer for a few years now, which I mainly use for five-a-side football or a power cycle into Golfmagic Towers. I’d never thought about one for golf until this year. How I've been missing out!

AR: I must admit, I’ve always been bit of a sceptic when it’s come to base layers.

CL: Er, why?

AR: I just never had a desire to wear them. I’m not sure why, probably because I’ve always associated them with big, sweaty rugby forwards or overpaid footballers. 

CL: I don't get paid to play football...

AR: Anyway, after a few rounds I’m certainly converted. My main issue when playing in colder weather has always been the restriction in the swing from wearing a huge jumper or waterproof jacket.

CL: I now can’t imagine my game without a base layer. I almost don’t like it when I know I’m going to be playing in weather too warm for a base layer - which is probably only about 10% of the rounds I would play in a year. I’m so used to them now that my swing almost feels alien without it. So what about warmth?

AR: Perfect. All the base layers I tried in the testing for this article were warm and comfortable without getting in the way of my natural swing.

CL: How do you feel about leggings? I wear mine to cycle - an activity with far more leg activity than golf - but for golf they just didn’t seem right.

AR: It does feel rather strange to be wearing an extra layer downstairs, but my skinny little legs were rather grateful! I can certainly see the benefits with golf leggings and they by no means feel restricting.

CL: I just can’t help thinking that if it’s cold enough to need to wear leggings under your trousers - then it’s probably too cold to be out on the course!

AR: How about the technology?

CL: I wear a base layer purely for warmth and the new PING Collection Underpar Compression Mock baselayer is perfect for my everyday needs right now. But, as with everything in golf, there will be thousands of golfers who prefer something that might just give them that little bit extra - and for those guys, the higher-spec base layers from the likes of Under Armour, FootJoy, adidas, Galvin Green, IJP Design, Mizuno and Glenmuir are perfect.

AR: I’m firmly in that camp. I own the Under Armour Coldgear Evo Mock which not only keeps me warm and is comfortable, but adds a little bit extra support. I love the fit and style of it.

Click through the images below to see a selection of our favourite golf base layers on the market right now.

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Do you wear a base layer? If not, why not? And if you do, are you interested in just something warm and comfortable or are you a sucker for the added technology these garments can offer? Tell us about it in the forum below or tweet us @Golfmagic.



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