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Andy Roberts
Mon, 3 Jun 2013

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FlexLoft adjustability; Fresh red looks; Good alignment aid; NexCOR technology
Cavity is a little off-putting to the eye
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PRICE: £249.00 YEAR: from 2013

Nike VR_S Covert driver features an innovative cavity back head and FlexLoft adjustability system. The cavity in the 460cc head, visible from the sole only, has been engineered so that more weight can be moved to the heel and toe of the driver, ensuring more stability at impact, greater forgiveness and better results on off-centre strikes.

The adjustability system allows golfers to alter the loft from 8.5- through to 12.5-degree and to any face angle independently from the loft.

I'm a massive fan of the fresh red looks of the new Nike VR_S Covert. The deep red colour instilled me with plenty of confidence at address and I believe this clubhead is much more compact than other Nike drivers that have come before it.

Turning the club over to look at the sole, and there it was - a big gaping hole in the back of the driver, laying claim to the first ever cavity back driver. It does look a little ridiculous, but then again, you don't actually see all of that when hitting the ball. The colour choice certainly conceals the cavity back, too. 

I've heard some players complain about the Nike tick and how it doesn't fit the eye well when standing over the ball, but I must say, I disagree. In terms of any real alignment aid, it's decent enough with the 'Covert' word down the middle. The tick didn't bother me in the slightest. 

And if you’re thinking the giant hole in the back of the sole is bound to make it sound strange, you’d be wrong.

Nike obviously informed us the VR_S Covert was a great-sounding driver, but until I hit it I had my doubts. And I take it all back because this driver really does offer a pleasing thud at impact and is a considerable improvement from the sound of previous Nike woods.

Performance-wise, the VR_S Covert flies off a tee peg, and with all of the adjustability on offer (from 8.5 to 12.5-degree) there is a setting for the vast majority of golfers. I favoured 10-degree and was rewarded with a mid-to-high ball flight, accurate ball striking with good forgiveness on off-centre hits, and easy workability - particularly for my favoured draw.


Everything about this club is confidence-inspiring and easy-to-use. In terms of performance, it's hard to fault with a solid combination of feel, accuracy and playability.

The cavity in the sole is a little off-putting to the eye when you place the palm of the club in your hand, but you don't see any of that when standing over the ball. In a way, I tried to conceal those thoughts and tell myself it's only there to act as a confidence builder.

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