First impression: Ping G15 irons

First hit of the latest clubs from Ping

Richard Green
Thu, 6 Aug 2009

Replacing the hugely successful and brilliantly performing G10 and i10 ranges was never going to be an easy task for Ping engineers, but with the launch of two new entire lines - G15 and i15 - they look to have produced another pair of winners.

As chairman and CEO John Solheim explained at the recent launch, the new hardware has clearly identified the two categories of player - 'G-Man' and 'I-Guy' - and the new ranges have been designed with differing playing characteristic and benefits for these distinct groups.

G-Man is the average player, one who is looking for extra distance but who struggles with consistency, his bad shot is typically a slice. I-Guy is a more skilled golfer, although given the time-pressures of modern life might not be playing as well or as often as he'd like. His key demands in an iron are workability and an extra bit of forgiveness for the days when the timing is a little off.

Here's some first impressions of the Ping G15 irons.

Ping G15 irons
Specifications:Ping says the technology of the G15 iron delivers a forgiving, high launch ball flight thanks to the cast stainless steel iron’s cavity design, a new tuning port and wider sole. The clubs are available from 3-9 iron, with four wedge options and four flexes in steel and graphite.
Price:£80 per club (steel), £95 (graphite)

The Ping G15 iron

There wasn’t much wrong with the G10 truth be told, but the updated versions appear to have taken forgiveness to the next level.

Looks: Noticeably chunkier-looking than their G10 predecessors, with wider soles and larger heads giving them a real air of authority behind the ball. For a player who struggles to get the ball in the air, the confidence they inspire at address will be priceless and the broody black graphics look really smart. The overall appearance is quite striking.

Feel/performance: The feel is unbelievably solid and the club really does power through the turf. The stronger lofts do contribute significantly to the excellent distances the clubs deliver, but having worked hard on the centre of gravity location, the high ball flight remains unchanged.

It’s in its forgiveness that the G15 really earns its corn. You can hit one out of the toe or the heel or slightly fat and the consequences are not particularly dire. Yes there is some loss of distance, but the MOI is so high that wild shots left and right are greatly reduced. Cracking irons for the aspiring high-handicapper. They make the game easier.

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