First impression: Ping i15 driver

'More workable for the better player'

Richard Green
Mon, 10 Aug 2009

Ping's latest G15 and i15 drivers are already setting heartbeats racing among club golfers of all abilities. For the better player the Ping i15 driver is one we recommend.

Ping i15 driver
Specifications:The Ping i15 driver has a pear-shaped, fade-biased design for better players who like to work their tee shots. It has a deeper face with hosel set slightly back to help promote Tour-preferred trajectories and is available in three lofts (8,9.5 and 11 degrees) with TFC700D and UST AXIVcore Tour Red 69 shaft options.

Ping i15 driver - more workable for the better player

Pros seeing the new Ping i15 driver for the first time on the European and US PGA Tours, couldn't wait to put them in play and when they are available for club golfers later this month, Ping expects a stampede, especially among the more elite players.

Looks: The Ping i15 driver is a real head turner, with its stunning, black titanium, carbon satin finish And despite being 460cc, the it looks a lot smaller than it actually is. The pear-shape so beloved of the better player, immediately gives the impression of workability and power.

Feel/performance:It's no surprise to find the ball flight of the Ping i15 justify their 'workability' tag, enabling better players to shape shots more easily. It delivers low spin with a penetrating flight and by having a longer hosel, it can also be bent a couple of degrees either way, should players wish to customise it to a preferred loft. This is the first time that the 'Ping i' range has been extended to include metal woods but itjustifies the high anticipation. It’s a fantastic-looking driver with performance to match.

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