Is this the FUTURE of rangefinders? Shot Scope Pro LX+ Laser Rangefinder review

Alex from GolfMagic reviewed the Shot Scope Pro LX+ Laser Rangefinder and the new shot tracking feature with the H4 add-on.

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Matt Chivers
Sun, 17 Apr 2022

Is this the FUTURE of rangefinders? Shot Scope PRO LX+ Laser Rangefinder review

Need To Know

- The Shot Scope Pro LX+ Laser Rangefinder has an incredible shot-tracking feature combined with superb rangefinding capability.
- At £330.00, this could be too expensive for some golfers.
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PRICE: £330.00 YEAR: from 2022

The Shot Scope Pro LX+ Laser Rangefinder is arguably the most advanced and exciting distance-measuring device on the market right now.

This new device has GPS capabilities and a shot-tracking feature. This is a new release by Shot Scope in 2022 which comes with the Shot Scope H4 add-on.

This brand new rangefinder costs £330.00 which is excellent value when you consider the superb game improvement features and cutting-edge design.

The product comes in a small pouch and the H4 add-on can be carried on your belt or in your pocket, or even attached to the device and ready for use.

Alex felt that the Shot Scope Pro LX+ Laser Rangefinder had a better design than the Bushnell V5 with a comfy indentation in the grip.



It is very light and easy to use. The device can track targets up to 900 yards away and it can zoom in up to seven times in either a red or a black setting.

The H4 add-on which you can connect to the rangefinding product is a game-changer. This GPS screen provides yardages to the front, middle and back of the green.

It also shows lay-up distances, penalty shots and strokes-gained data. This data is available on the Shot Scope app and it applies to putting, iron play and your long game too.

As Alex shows, you can place the H4 add-on on the top of your clubs and when you press the top, it will buzz and it is good to go. This is the shot-tracking feature that is rarely seen in rangefinding devices.

The Shot Scope Pro LX+ Laser Rangefinder is a groundbreaking product that has introduced a brand-new shot tracking facility combined with a regular rangefinder.


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