Glenmuir springs into action with new line

Scottish-based company introduces bonded fleeces for both male and female golfers

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Mon, 16 Jan 2012

Glenmuir has unveiled 12 weather-beating products to the Performance Outwear section of its Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

As part of the new releases, male golf fashion fans can enjoy the new Willoughby bonded fleece, while females can get their hands on the Beatrice variant.

The renowned Scottish-based company claims these bonded fleeces provide additional warmth and outstanding protection from the wind and rain due to their high-specification, three-layer bonded construction. They also feature a full-length jacket zip and pockets, chest pocket and distinctive Glenmuir 1891 and StormBloc embroidery.

Willoughby (RPP £75) is available in lead/black/garnet and navy/cobalt in size S-XXL, and Beatrice (RRP £83) is offered in rose or lagoon blue in sizes S-XL. 

Elsewhere in the Performance Outerwear category, Glenmuir has updated the colour options in its best-selling windshirts range with a modern cobalt blue added to the Storm Bloc Team, Storm Bloc Vest, Storm Bloc Pro and Storm Bloc Club.

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