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Thu, 15 Aug 2013

The GolfBand is the perfect practice aid for players looking to improve their golf fitness.

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PRICE: £9.99 YEAR: from 2013

GolfBand specialise in golf specific resistance products and associated golf conditioning training programmes, in conjunction with Ian Dudman, PGA professional and GolfBand Coach.

Over the years sports science has increasingly become an important part of golf as our community has grown to understand, largely thanks to Tiger Woods, the importance of strength in the sport.

The GolfBand is for golfers of all levels and aims to increase strength and flexibility in muscles important to golf and also can be used as a warm-up tool – gone are the days on doing frantic windmills with your arms on the first tee! This should in turn improve your game and reduce your risk of injury and the good news is that it can fit into the smallest of spaces and it it’s incredibly easy to use.

GolfBand’s website provides free instructional videos providing different exercises users may want to use and there are also instructions printed on the GolfBand. They are easy to follow and I was pleased to find that they target all areas and muscle groups needed in the game of golf.

While using the band may not look tiring I can tell you that once you rack up the repetitions you’ll start to feel a burn and I definitely felt it the next morning – a sign that’s it’s doing something to my body.

It doesn't need a huge amount of use for this simple training aid to really improve your strength and flexibility. 


The GolfBand is the perfect practice aid for players looking to improve their golf fitness.

Price: Starting from £9.99

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