Lee Westwood Puttmaster Tour Pro

Keeping the putter head low and square between the alignment guide rails, golfers should then gently stroke back and forth, rotating the shoulders. The outcome should be a smooth, pendulum-like stroke for short-medium length putts.

Tim Beard
Wed, 11 Aug 2010

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PRICE: £19.99 YEAR: from 2010

Golf gadgets quite literally come in all shapes and sizes but they all pretty much promise the same thing - buy them and some area of our golf will improve.

When Christmas or birthdays come, in particular, it's a fair chance we'll get one or two presents which are destined to make their final home in a dark corner of our lockers before finally dripping into a rubbish bin.

When I first clapped eyes on this latest offering, which bears the name of none other than our calf-strained, would-be major winner Lee Westwood, I was not overly impressed. Surely he can't need the money so bad that he'll put his name to a short piece of green felt with white lines on and two pieces of flimsy PVC plastic which have been stuck together and called a Lee Westwood Puttmaster Tour Pro.

Basically, by having the two pieces of platic as a top and bottom rail with the felt in between, it claims it will teach you to have a straight-back-and-through pendulum putting stroke. So, I gave it a try and, in fairness, it can offer some help.

On my first couple of putting strokes my takeaway was perfect but the follow-through touched the nearside rail and knocked the device offline. So, I was obviously in danger of pulling putts to the left. A few strokes later, with or without the ball in place, and I was following the white line down the felt quite happily, so I hope I will hole some more putts.


It's difficult to see this being a big seller. At £19.99 in the shops and £14.99 direct from a Lee Westwood-backed website it's rather too expensive as a casual Christmas or birthday present and unlikely that most golfers will buy it for themselves.

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