An effective distance measuring device that offers all you need with no extra thrills.

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Fri, 31 Jan 2014

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Slightly bulky, takes time to get to grips with
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PRICE: £159.00 YEAR: from 2014

The GolfBuddy WT3 has an understated appearance and could be confused with a normal digital watch at first glance.

Available in black or white, the watch is slightly on the chunky side and may cause problems to petite golfers due to its weight. However, it didn’t cause me any issues and it’s one of those cases where you’ll have to give it a go yourself to see what you think.

It stores over 36,000 courses and offers front, middle and back of the green distances. In addition to this, users can manually change the position of the pin quickly and easily.

A useful extra is the ability to measure distances to hazards and it also users to see how far it is to the front and back of bunkers which is different from the norm.

The dynamic green view feature gives a more detailed view of the dance floor which will be particularly useful for those people who like to jump between courses although this will negate your 'newbie' excuse.

A shot measurement device is provided which is useful and the eight hour battery life is adequate.

The system took a little bit of time to get used to and it’s a bit fiddly but once I got it nailed there was no stopping me. It’s a case of learning which button to press and when to press it which takes a bit of learning.

The advantage of a touch screen is that it’s easier to operate as you simply press on an icon while you have to scroll through menus with a watch that employs buttons.

On the other hand, touch screens can be temperamental on occasions and you need to weigh up the pros and cons of both and what would suit you.

The watch displays its information in big, bold figures which allows golfers to get the information they need effortlessly.


An effective distance measuring device that offers all you need with no extra thrills. 

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