Updated from original Z1 trolley to accommodate any golf bag - whether carry/stand trolley or Tour version. Other new features include foot brake and quick release rear wheels. Available in liquid white, metallic blue, liquid black and matt black. Lightweight aero aluminium construction with adjustable soft grip handle.

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Michael Smyth
Mon, 5 Nov 2012

The overriding message is ease of use and its foldaway capability into the boot of my car.

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Easy to fold; Smooth maneuverability; Sturdy manufacture
You still have to push it!
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PRICE: £179.00 YEAR: from 2012

Growing up and spending much of my early golfing life as a ‘rake rat’ – or caddie, to you and me – I considered myself a stickler for tradition when deciding how to transport clubs around the course.

Using a trolley was never ever an option!

But playing the game regularly comes at a price, in my case the occasional back pains.

And having celebrated a 30-something birthday recently, I decided to swallow my early caddie loyalties and enter the market for a push trolley.

Stewart Golf, with its streamlined customised powered trolleys, was always a brand out of my frugal Presbyterian price range, but at £179 the Z3 push model was very appealing.  

I went for the liquid black finish and first impressions have been positive, though I was wary not to catch my fingers in the fold-away mechanism at the risk of missing the club championship!

However, it folded open and closed perfectly in seconds without resorting to health and safety and with my bag securely fixed.

Sturdy over uneven terrain, the trolley is easy to direct and park, even on slopes thanks to its handy foot-operated brake. Other favourable features include well-placed water bottle and GPS device holders (after market accessory). 

The overriding message is ease of use and its foldaway capability into the boot of my car.


My ‘dream machine’ is exceptional value. For a first time trolley experience things could not have gone better. In addition, it has breathed more life into an ailing back coming down the stretch. Long may it continue!

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