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Andy Roberts
Wed, 29 May 2013

A reliable, high-flying, accurate hybrid

Need To Know

Lightweight; Nice, low profile; High ball flight and shots land soft
Lack of alignment aid; Crown too shiny in sun; Black head and white shaft looks like an Oreo cookie
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PRICE: £99.00 YEAR: from 2013

Wilson brings to hybrids the same lightweight approach it uses for drivers. The D-100 features a 60-gram shaft that's half an inch longer than last year's FYbrid RS. Clubheads are larger on the lower lofts to improve forgiveness and smaller on the higher lofts for better spin control.

On first inspection of this new Wilson D-100 3hybrid (19-degree), I like the look of the flattened, teardrop design. It sets up nicely to the eye. The low profile head with shallow face was inviting off the deck but I felt it was let down somewhat by no alignment aid - a familiar trait in several 2013 hybrids I've tested this year. 

The crown, in similar circumstances to the D-100 fairway wood, was much too shiny in the sun and we felt as though the black face against white shaft was a little off-putting. 

In terms of feel, however, the D-100 promises super lightness and delivers. The transition from backswing to downswing was effortless and the head felt extremely stable through impact. Sound at impact was far too loud and off-putting at times, though.

Performance wise, this hybrid presented me with a high, repeatable iron-like trajectory that, on the whole, went straight. That was probably it's overall strength in the sense it was easy to send down my target line with minimum fuss. Shots were flying high and consequently landing like butter. 

Another positive was the hybrid's forgiveness. Off-centre hits were turning out better than I anticipated. 


A reliable, high-flying, accurate hybrid but is slightly let down by the glare at appearance. The combo of white shaft and black head is a little mind-boggling, too. It resembles an Oreo cookie.

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