X Forged

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Charlie Lemay
Wed, 19 Jun 2013

X Forged
Great feel, feedback and forgiveness as well as useful trajectory

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Great looking club, soft feel and good ball flight
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PRICE: £653.00 YEAR: from 2013

The newest forged creations from Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland offer golfers all the control, spin and feel they could ever want to attack the pin with new finish options that exude confidence from a striking look. Tour CC Grooves help promote ideal trajectory and distance control while a softer ‘C’ shape allows for versatility and precise shot-making.

A classic clubhead with two Callaway badges on the back means the X Forged are a stunning set of irons. The cavities on these clubs is small meaning they look like a muscle back, most peoples favourite club in terms of appearance, and they have been finished in an elegant chrome satin.

When hit from the middle these clubs give you great feedback and a classic forged feel and sound which I think you can't beat or replicate with cast irons. After each stoke I could tell instantly how far the ball would travel and the spin I had imparted on the ball. I had complete confidence that if I made a good stroke it would go exactly the distance and direction I desired. 

With the longer irons I was getting a higher than normal trajectory and with the shorter irons a lower trajectory. I found the clubs were forginving thanks to the small cavity and I was able to manoeuver the ball reasonably well with them.


A fantastic set of irons from Callaway that combine the good looks of a muscle back and the forgiveness of a cavity back. Great feel and feedback and also forgiving. 

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