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Kaddy Stroller push-trolley on test

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Mon, 4 Feb 2002

Some might call it luck, others would call it fate but my first test with the Kaddy Stroller , a three-wheeler, lightweight push trolley coincided with my best round of golf for 18 years.

Brake for sloping ground.
I had been considering investing in a battery-powered trolley to ease the strain on my back and often aching feet over the undulating course I call ‘home’ but while checking my options came across a press release expounding the virtues of the Kaddy Stroller, a relatively new invention from Dimplehead Inc in the US.

Having obtained a trial machine from the UK distributors in Avonmouth, Bristol and put it together, fresh out of its box in just a few minutes, I took it for its first test run at the weekend.

I have to admit, with its pheumatic tyres, and alloy frame it looks like a cross between a push chair for an overgrown toddler and a supermarket trolley. And I got the usual dry wit from my circle of golfing colleagues.

Easy walking as push-trolley.

"Don’t forget to give it a sweet, Bob,’ ‘See you at the check-out!’ Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Strapping on the bag is a bit of a fiddly operation and the angle at which the clubs are vertically extracted as opposed to 45 degrees from an orthodox bag-carrier, takes some getting used to. But once I got the hang of pushing instead of pulling, it literally glided over the course.

I am particularly impressed by the soft, rubber grip and on a sloping course like mine, the handbrake and parking button were a godsend.

Uphill – and our 1 in 4 par-3 tenth will take the wind out of most golfers’ sails – it mounted the rise with little effort thanks to my being able to lean on the padded handlebar (thicker than the one pictured). Downhill you could give it a little shove and catch up with it in a few strides.

An added bonus is a pouch below the handlebar to hold a drink, spare balls, tees, a banana or energy bar and even a mobile phone (as if you would!).

Its ergonomic design, is reputedly recommended by doctors and chiropractors, to promote the golfer’s natural walking stride and after completing my level-par round refreshed, I couldn’t argue with their assessment.

Other benefits are its sliding brace to fit bags of all shapes and sizes; the lightweight, collapsible aluminum frame that fits in most car boots and its quick-release, treadless pneumatic tires for clean, easy handling.

Folds neatly into your boot.
The Kaddy Stroller is almost faultless. Almost.

If I did have a criticism, the wheels might be well served by mudguards on future models. Water and mud tended to splash up on to my trousers because I was pushing rather than pulling. But it’s a small whinge and at £99.95 it’s excellent value and a terrific energy saver.

And I’ve got my scorecard to prove it.



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