King Cobra F/Speed driver


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Fri, 9 Jun 2006

King Cobra F/Speed driver

Claimed to be first driver line designed to optimise every player’s unique ball speed, for ultimate distance and accuracy. Three models - X/Speed for extreme (high) ball speed players, F/Speed for faster ball speed players and M/Speed for moderate ball speed players. 460cc head with range of four lofts (8, 9,10.5 and 12 degrees).


Cobra F/Speed 9-degree version

I had long been looking forward to the opportunity to test drive the latest Speed drivers from King Cobra and at the invitation of the manufacturers was invited to one of my local courses at Thorney Lakes, near Peterborough.

I had hoped to be properly fitted for the club, matching my swing speed and ball speed generated off the clubface to the lofts, shafts and flexes available. Sadly none of the 700 monitors scheduled to be dispatched to various demo sites around the UK reached this range on the edge of the Fens and it turned out to be a mix of trial and error.

Despite only having a mini swing speed gadget at my feet – registering 94mph and within the 87-108mph parameters of the F/Speed – I seemed to have found the club to suit me. It was an F/Speed head with 10.5 degrees of loft, regular shaft flex and soft tip.

Unfortunately my specification got lost in communication and when the club finally arrived it has 12 degrees of loft and a mid mid-kick flex suitable for ball speeds of 125-155 mph. It didn’t produce the same results I enjoyed on the range.

I have tried desperately to like this club but only occasionally has it produced the launch I crave – a penetrating mid-flight with a touch of draw from the draw-bias face. Constantly I’m fighting to get it airborne and I've switched my ball position around so much, I’ve got more moves than Darren Gough in ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’

I’m planning to persevere in the hope that the thinner summer air and firmer bounce and roll of the ball will bring the club up to Speed, so to speak. But, like a couple of recent Golfmagic reviewers – Bob Badger and ‘Jimbo’ its performance is still short of expectation..

The Golfmagic Verdict
Summary: I love the concept of the Speed drivers and certainly in the right hands – JB Holmes, Villegas and Ian Poulter - they seem to deliver the distance and accuracy. However, I need a second opinion on whether I’ve got the most suitable head and flex for me and will probably have to head back to a local Cobra retailer for another fitting.

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