Magnetic magic

There could be a cure at hand if you suffer from aches and pains.

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Fri, 1 Jun 2001

Magnetic magic

There's one vital piece of equipment that American golfer John Huston carries with him everywhere, and it's even more important than his clubs.

Huston has a magnetic bed which he rolls up and takes from hotel to hotel during his nomadic life on the PGA Tour. In fact he won1t leave his Florida home without it.

John Huston - sore shoulder.
Twice a competitor in the Presidents Cup team and a seven-time winner, Huston,- real name Johnny Ray Huston, -who celebrated his 40th birthday on June 1, has suffered from bursitis in his right shoulder for four years and uses magnets for relief.

He also wears them in his golf shoes and says they enable him stay supple and maintain his energy.

Says Huston: "I have used magnets as treatment for my injured shoulder since 1997. After playing I get a huge amount of relief from sleeping on the magnetic bed so I take it with me everywhere. The magnetic insoles in my shoes also help to keep my joints supple during my round".

Among the other magnet users on the PGA Tour are Jack Nicklaus, Scott Hoch, Paul Azinger, Greg Norman, Fred Couples and Jesper Parnevik.

As a fellow sufferer -usually after about 12 holes of a round on our hilly course - the weariness starts to affect my game. So I tried a pair of the black magnetic KenkoInsoles developed by the developed by the Japanese company Nikken which has its European headquarters in Milton Keynes.

The results were remarkable. My usual post-round habit is to head straight for the bar. I then pay the consequences as I struggle to get out of my seat not through the volume of alcohol, I hasten to add, just the weariness of my limbs.

Not this time. While not exactly dancing on the tables I felt fresher than I had ever felt after a round of golf and was even able to assist in the garden. Almost unheard of in this household after a round of golf.

The KenkoInsoles, apparently gently massage your feet as you walk while tiny nodules stimulate and relax them at the same time.

At £40 a pair they may appear expensive but to engender relief and give you the staying power and extra concentration to complete 18 holes, it's money well spent and worth the value of an extra club in your bag.

Other magnetic products in the Nikken range include knee, elbow, thigh, wrist, ankle, neck and back supports from £20. I can't speak for the rest of the range but to relieve aching feet I can recommend the insoles.

For further information contact and I will make sure your enquiry is directed to one of the key UK agents.