Maxfli SpeedMAX ball

'As a regular Maxfli user

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Wed, 23 Nov 2005

Maxfli SpeedMAX ball
Technology: Maxfli says the ball incorporates ‘four critical elements that work together to fuel exceptional performance’ - cover, SpeedMantle, core and 442-dimple pattern'. Crucial is a thin layer (the mantle) sandwiched between the cover and the core made of HPF 1000, a material created by DuPont that’s soft yet resilient and which Maxfli claims, ‘increases the speed at which the ball leaves the clubface, yet within the legal R&A limits.
Price:£22 (per dozen)

Cut-away of SpeedMAX ball

Maxfli claims to have found the secret of extra length with this SpeedMAX ball. Judging by our first impressions, height rather than distance was a crucial factor.

Not that I’m complaining. I was only five over par when I beat my playing companion on the 12th green using the ball for the first time. He used a similar SpeedMAX and finished up scratching his head, wondering why he wasn’t his usual 20-yards ahead of me with every tee shot.

As a regular Maxfli user – Revolution Tour or BlackMAX – I found the ball didn’t quite live up to its ‘extra length’ billing with the introduction of a refined core, mantle and 422-dimple cover.

But on the day it was easier to control around the green and I holed a few nice putts with it. Its thin cover seemed to perform better from a steel insert putter face than traditional softer faces and it spun and checked nicely with chips and pitches

As for durability mine emerged almost unscatched after 17 holes – I refused to risk it on the water-protected 14th – while Mal Smith, my playing partner, found his quite well scarred from visits to three bunkers.

Mal, a hard-hitting 13-handicapper, commented: "The SpeedMAX felt softer than my preferred Callaway HX Tour 56 or Pinnacle Exception, both off the putter face and with the driver.

"I tended to underhit it to the green and was some five to 10 yards shorter off the tee. The trajectory of my tee shots was considerably higher than other balls I’ve used recently, but would recommend it to anyone who wants better flighted shots and can afford to lose a little distance in favour of drop and stop. Personally I’d only score it 6 out of 10."

The Golfmagic Verdict
Summary: If you like to flight your golf ball with a high trajectory and can afford to lose a little distance this could be the ball for you. Consequently it’s more of a summer than a winter ball. It certainly made a big impression – in both green and fairway and kept my pitchmark repairer busy.

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