My beautiful Bettinardi!

First impressions of my new prize Bettinardi C04 putter from Mizuno

Joe Burroughes
Tue, 17 Apr 2007

I was fortunate enough to win my Bettinardi putter in the Golfmagic "Ask Luke Donald a question" competition, and Mizuno asked me to pick the model that took my fancy, and it would be dispatched straight away.

No sooner said than done!

I chose the C04 model, as I am not generally a fan of putters with a longer neck (think Ping Anser) preferring instead a more direct link between shaft and clubhead (think Ping Zing). The C04 looked like it would suit my eye perfectly. And so it proved.

First impressions upon picking up the club is that it has a super grip, very soft and tacky. Obviously this encourages the gentle grip we are all supposed to use.

The putter is milled from a single block of steel, and this can be clearly seen from the distinctive milling pattern on the face of the putter, with no hosel joint. The manufacturing process also claims to improve feedback and feel.

I ordered my club with a 34-inch shaft. Helpfully, Bettinardi increases the weight of the clubhead with this length shaft, thus avoiding the need to spoil the lines of the putter by adding lead tape (something I have done with previous putters that I have cut down).

Everone who has tried my new putter has commented on how pure and classy it looks. It sits simply behind the ball, a sightline helps with alignment, and it really does "suit my eye."

So could I make it work? It had a baptism of fire!

I was lucky enough to be asked to join the Norfolk County President's team for an annual triangular match with the county first and second teams. Very much a season opener with 36 holes of foursomes on bumpy and sparse early-spring greens. Would the putter live up to the hype?

It certainly drew admiring glances from the county set, who all had a swish with it and commented on its good looks and soft grip.

It laid the ball dead for me on the first green, a tricky 40-footer across a breaking green, so a good start. A similar lag putt on the second green and I was well pleased. The greens, however, were not at their best, and putts were bobbling and bouncing for everyone, so I won't draw too many conclusions from my overall putting stats on the day (we lost!)

All I ask from a putter is that it fits, it looks good and it has the right swingweight for me. I have got a garage full of flatsticks (many of them in pieces, alas) and some are 'cheapos' and some more expensive.

The Bettinardi is clearly the smartest putter I have owned, and I like it very much indeed. It ticks all the boxes, although I believe I need to have the lie flattened by a degree or two to make it fit perfectly. Being made of relatively soft steel this should not be a problem.

I should then have a putter that ought to give many happy years service, thanks to Mizuno and Golfmagic.



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