Nike and Mizuno foot to the test.

We got our feet into some more shoes, and this is what we thought....

GOLFmagic review team
Fri, 1 Jun 2001

Before we tell you about ones we've tried, here are just a few points to look for when considering your purchase:

  • Look for a solid unit in the sole to provide comfort and cushioning.
  • Full grain leather upper with waterproof guarantee.
  • Padding in the heel for extra comfort.
  • A good grip pattern on the sole which will work even in wet conditions.
  • Look for style but not always a white shoe for year-round play. They tend to fade and look shabby after a few rounds in traditional muddy conditions.
  • Don't expect to pay less than £40 for a pair of decent golf shoes. Looking after them and they will look after you.
Mizuno Wave Spirit:

While Mizuno irons have always been recognised as the preferred choice of Tour professionals - another way of saying if they weren't paid to pay a brand, they would probably play Mizuno - with shoes the choice it restricted to maybe three manufacturers.

Mizuno has virtually no footwear presence on Tour and prefers to concentrate on its hardwear but still makes quality, stylish shoes as we can confirm with these Wave Spirits.

Mizuno Wave Spirit.
Priced under £60, they have a classic design from heal to toe - featuring a distinctive khaki, wavy trim, from which the shoe gets its name.

Most shoes require a 'break-in' period but these feel cushioned underfoot from the outset and with built-up arch and breathable fabric under the toe feel comfortable immediately. The leather instep below the lace took a little more time to adjust to my feet but we're talking only a couple of rounds.

Nice and grippy.
While the heal gives plenty of support, breathability is more restricted and perspiration took more time to evaporate. However, in the recent wet weather, the shoes performed admirably, keeping the feet dry and retaining grip, with Octagrip sofspikes. The shoes, incidentally come with an optional set of metal spikes, a spike replacement took, which doubles as a pitchmark repairer and a branded shoe bag.

Links: Mizuno Wave Spirit., Mizuno homepage.
Price £60 (US$80) GOLFmagic rating: 7/10

Nike Course Air Tour TW:

Somewhat surprisingly the Nike Course Air Tour TW (Tiger Woods) lacks a little style, despite being the favourite footwear of Mr Woods. In fact, apart from its 'swoosh' trademark, it's rather plain.

Compared with others we have tested and indeed Nike's own range of outrageous trainers, it's positively understated.

Course Air Tour TW
The leather on the upper is high quality, and feels soft, but compared with others we have tested the Nike is a tight fit even with the apparently correct size. While some makers provide a spare set of spikes, precautionary blister plasters might be more appropriate.

Nike, has a good track record in foot cushioning, relying on pockets of air within the rubber (TPU) outsole and this is no exception. A waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry, too, though with the black leather upper, the heat penetrates more than most.

150 points of contact
Traction is good, belying the unusual design claiming over 150 points of contact specifically engineered for maximum grip with minimum green damage. But like all softspike soles, newly mown grass can tend to clog.

Overall comfort is good once you1ve ironed out the pressure points and Nike technology is excellent. But for about £85 a pair we1d want a bit more flash and a little less swoosh for our money. GOLFmagic rating 6.5/10

Links: Nike homepage.
Price £85 (US$120) GOLFmagic rating: 6.5/10

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