Nike Ignite ball

We can all relate to the hilarious TV advert which accompanies this new ball.

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Tue, 20 Mar 2007

Nike Ignite ball
Technology: Polysoft cover, blended layer of the mantle 'to increase energy release from the core on long shots and maximise feel and touch on shorter shots.' Low spin dimple configuration for 'extra distance'.
Price:£25 per dozen

Ignite pack and sleeve

Ever innovative with its TV commercials, Nike has done it again with its hilarious, though poignant, representation of those evergreen irritants - slow golfers - to illustrate the power and accuracy of its latest Ignite ball.

A fourball of golfing robots are holding up play in the fairway as a human two-ball impatiently waits on the tee. Finally one of the waiting group explodes with a tirade of abuse and hits his tee shot into the robot quartet.


The robots swivel round with a mechanical (should that be maniacal?) glare and fire their Ignites back at the group who duck for cover as balls smash through their golf cart windscreen just inches apart.

I can't claim similar accuracy with the Ignite balls I've used lately but mine have certainly been peppering greens, if not (wind)screens!

In the past I've always been a little distracted by the inevitable swoosh logo on Nike balls and found them too firm and 'clicky' off the face but a combination of three-piece construction, feel and penetrating flight seem to compliment my slower swing speed. I get a few more yards for my money, too, thanks to the low spin characteristics of the dimple pattern.

I'm also impressed with the ball's durability. Nike balls have tended to scratch and tear, especially in the winter months so I've been pleased to regularly wipe off the mud to discover a ball that retains its pristine lustre so much longer.

The Golfmagic Verdict
Summary:Look out for the eye-catching, burnt orange, cube-shaped box and the alignment aid on the ball. I can't comment on the claims of 'increased energy', 'responsive feel' and 'exceptional energy' claimed by the makers but this feels and behaves like a good value and durable ball suitable for a wide range of club golfers.

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