Ping Redwood Piper S putter

'The sensation off the milled face was like caressing the ball towards the hole rather than rapping it'

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Tue, 13 Feb 2007

Ping Redwood Piper S putter
Technology:Available in right and left-handed models. Can be custom built to accommodate lie angles of plus or minus two degrees from the standard lie. Milled face, AVS Redwood multi-textured grip.

Clean lines of the Redwood Piper S

Putting is all about confidence. But in my experience you'll never feel confident unless you look down at address and you're not overwhelmed by too much going on in the clubhead at your feet.

I immediately liked the look of this putter - it's clean white sight lines contrasting with the anti-glare, manganese bronze appearance of the head, which was slightly curved at the back and felt heavier than most modern putters. I like that.

And talking of feel, the sensation off the milled face was like caressing the ball towards the hole rather than rapping it. I didn't always get the right line or pace at first but the feedback promoted a confidence you don't always get from a putter.

Distinctive headcover

I also appreciated the spongy, tacky feel of the intricately patterned AVS Redwood multi-textured grip, a feature of many modern putters. It encouraged a light touch, whichever way you hold the putter (I'm currently left-hand low, but it may change tomorrow)!

Another appealing feature is the headcover. Ping have obviously done their homework in ensuring, not only boxing glove protection for their valuable equipment but using red, unmistakeable in any bag, links neatly towards the Redwood brand.

The distinction also says something about the golfer using it. At £190 the putter is expensive - maybe too expensive - but aimed at those who consider this tool worth spending more than average for the best quality and materials.

The Golfmagic Verdict
Summary:In recent months I started to think that my putting style was more suited to the two-ball-type, centre-shafted putters, but the Redwood Piper S is convincing me each time i use it that perhaps I should maintain my traditional stance and persevere a little longer with the mallet. At present, it certainly feels like the right decision.

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