Method Core MC02w

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Andy Roberts
Tue, 21 May 2013

A top-class blade that will suit multiple putting strokes

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Traditional blade appearance; Stable throughout; Nicely weighted; Decent value for money
Topline a little chunky
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PRICE: £102.00 YEAR: from 2013

Nike MC02w is designed with tour weighting for optimal forgiveness, roll and accuracy. Polymetal Groove technology and a lower centre of gravity team up for precision control on the green.

With a classic blade appearance, the MC02w has stuck with centuries of tradition and combined it with modern technology. Very clean looking blade with neat black aiming line and red face insert with Polymetal Groove Technology. A much shorter heel to toe and wider face to the flange than its sister MC01w. Flawless finish with silver and red tones. Topline is perhaps a little on the chunky side.

In terms of feel, this putter was hard enough for the long putts, yet soft enough for the pressure putts. Nike has managed to produce a putter with great feel. Very stable putter all the way through the stroke. Incredibly comfortable grip. Confidence in putting from distance and nailing the short swingers is paramount in a putter and this blade does just that.

The weight is nicely dispersed and distance control is relatively simple. A putter that is stable throughout the stroke that will boost the user’s confidence – paramount in putting. Inserts can also be utilised to ensure a true roll. We were impressed with how quick the ball achieved a true roll with almost all elimination of the dreaded bounce off the face.Pleasant amount of topspin helped us get putts to the hole consistently.


Nike equipment is often controversial as the old school don’t seem to want to accept the sporting giant into the beautiful game, but this classic insert putter should have the cravat-wearers in a spin. A top-class blade that will suit multiple putting strokes, possibly someone with a more arcing stroke. It’s easy to stroke back and through, is consistent off the face and provides great feel.

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