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Mon, 2 Jun 2014

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PRICE: £175.00 YEAR: from 2014

Inspired by the most popular putters of the past four decades, the Nike Method Mod 00 putter updates the classic with modern technology to perform in today's game. It's very much based on a classic mallet shape (throwback to 1970s RAM Zebra).

Method Modern putters include Nike's revolutionary Polymetal Groove Technology, which uses a combination of soft polymer and milled steel grooves to generate faster, more controlled forward roll at impact.

The distinctive face-balanced toe hang, determined by the weight location in relation to the head, offers a personalised feel for optimal forgiveness, roll and accuracy. Precision CNC milled face has been designed for premium performance.

On first look, I love the satin chrome finish, the clean look at address and also the double bend shaft. Not the most helpful alignment aid on the flange but the white line mixed against three black lines either side did a job.

Not quite as soft as Nike claims and that made those 15-foot putts harder to judge pace. It felt as though there was less weight in the centre and more weight in the heel and toe - contributing to a lower, deeper CG.

Performance-wise, it does a job. I received a true, consistent roll 6- to 15-footers, and I also thought it was one of the most accurate mallets I've tested this season when it comes to those shorties. A combination of soft polymer and milled steel grooves helped generate faster, more controlled forward roll at impact.

Very few putts tended to skid or hop, and few ended up short of the hole. The heel and sole weights on offer also aid added good forgiveness.


If you're struggling to get putts to the hole, get involved with the Nike Method Mod 00. It's a small mallet with a traditional shape but looks the real deal and is very easy to align. Expensive at £175 but well worth a look. One of the best Nike putters I've tested before.

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