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Charlie Lemay
Wed, 14 Aug 2013

Another top-of-the-range putter from Odyssey. It offers a steady stroke and consistency.

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PRICE: £135.00 YEAR: from 2013

Odysseys newest addition to the alternative category is called the Tank Putter. It comes in short and long options and features specifically weighted components with a Tour-preferred balance point for a higher MOI and greater stability through impact. One of the main reasons they were able to achieve this level of stability is the total club MOI. Short options have a total club MOI that’s 34% higher than a standard putter, and for long options it’s 109% higher than a standard putter.

The Odyssey Tank #1 has the design of a traditional blade but with modern additions. It is finished in black with the white insert on the face producing a contrast. There is a small alignment line and understated graphics on the bottom which come together to create an elegant putter.

The Tank line of putters offer counterbalance flat sticks and this one has a 30g weight in the grip and heavy head to create a stable stroke. When picking up a blade, twisting and turning during the stroke is a problem suffered by many but I found this putter kept my hands quieter than other blades.

The new White Hot Insert is just what you would expect from Odyssey  - superb. It offers consistency in all the critical areas.

It has a soft feel and rolls straight off the bat. From five, ten, twenty feet I found it easy to judge distances and took advantage of the large sweet spot offer.


Another top-of-the-range putter from Odyssey. It offers a steady stroke and consistency. 

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